Over the years I've made a few movies for my research talks and for science communication purposes, which I'll update every now and again here. Feel free to use these (for non-commercial purposes) with the appropriate credit.

Resonant orbits in a barred spiral galaxy extracted from one of the Auriga cosmological simulations. The left panel shows three bar-resonant orbits in an inertial frame of reference, and the right panel shows the same three orbits in a rotating frame of reference. From Fragkoudi et al. (2020).

Credit: F. Fragkoudi & the Auriga Collaboration 

Zooming around an isolated barred spiral galaxy. Only the gaseous component of the galaxy is displayed. Movie made using glnemo2.

Credit: F. Fragkoudi

A simulated barred spiral galaxy from the Auriga suite of cosmological zoom-in simulations. Rotating the galaxy to view it face-on, edge-on and zooming in on its bar and boxy/peanut bulge.

Credit: F. Fragkoudi & the Auriga Collaboration

A simulated isolated barred spiral galaxy with star formation and supernova feedback. From left to right: stellar surface density, gas surface density, temperature of the gas. The top row shows the face-on projection and the bottom row shows the edge-on projection of the galaxy. From Fragkoudi & Bieri (in prep.).

Credit: F. Fragkoudi & R. Bieri