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Currently recruiting

We're currently recruiting a PhD student and Postdoctoral Researchers to the group. Please feel free to have a look at the following links for more info and reach out if you have questions 

PDRA information - Link

PhD information - Link

At Durham, we collaborate closely with the groups of Dr Dimitri Gadotti, Dr Azi Fattahi and Dr Alis Deason, while we also collaborate with a number of research centres across the UK, Europe, USA and South America. 

Group Members


Thomas Tomlinson

PhD Student

IMG_0165 copy.jpeg

Alex Brook

MScR Student

External Members


Camila de Sá Freitas

ESO Fellow, Chile


Paula López

PhD Student at Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina


Tutku Kolcu

PhD Student at LJMU, UK


Jenny Gonzalez Jara

PhD Student at Pontifica Universidad Católica, Chile


Alex Merrow

PhD Student at LJMU, UK

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